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We Will Find the Perfect Motorcycle Insurance Policy for You

Cruising the open road on a motorcycle with the wind in your face is an exhilarating sensation. But it also comes with risks. Even when you obey every law and speed limit, you must still be mindful of drivers and vehicles around you. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anyway. Anchor Insurance wants to help you navigate such situations. Our team of insurance policy experts has extensive experience working with clients to find terms that fit their budgets. We will get to know you, your habits, and your circumstances to tailor a plan that fits your needs. The best motorcycle insurance policy is not always merely the least expensive option. Call us today to learn more about your choices.

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Understanding How Motorcycle Insurance Works

Motorcycle liability insurance is required in every state, but the amount necessary will vary. Our friendly agents will discuss your legal requirements while also detailing your range of insurance options during a consultation. Overall, motorcycle insurance works in much the same way auto insurance does. Your policy will cover any damage you cause up to the limits of your plan. It may also cover some of your legal costs in the event of a lawsuit. Choose from liability insurance that covers:

  • Bodily injury for one person
  • Bodily injuries for all people involved
  • Property damage

Why Motorcycle Insurance Is Essential

It is important to protect yourself and your bike, and motorcycle insurance satisfies each of these elements. Anchor Insurance will help you find reasonable rates to protect you despite the added vulnerability you will experience relative to vehicle drivers. Motorcyclists are at an elevated risk of damages based on size and visibility. But we will find a policy that will protect you in the event of an accident. Furthermore, be sure to ask about motorcycle insurance policies that protect you against theft.

Choose From a Range of Policy Options

Some motorcycle insurance coverage options are similar to those you will find for your automobile, but there is a rash of differences and potential add-ons to consider. In addition to liability coverage, Anchor Insurance will allow you to choose from options including:


This type of coverage will pay for damage to your motorcycle minus the deductible amount.


An all-inclusive plan will pay to replace or repair your motorcycle if it is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision.

Medical Payments

Motorcyclists in some states are eligible for insurance coverage that pays for medical bills following an accident.

Personal Injury Protection

This protects motorcyclists, passengers, and pedestrians regardless of who caused an accident.

You may also be eligible for policy add-ons such as:

Trip Interruption Coverage

Such an addition will cover lodging or transportation if your bike is disabled while you are a significant distance from your home.

Custom Parts

Some insurers offer coverage of custom motorcycle accessories, equipment, and parts.

Roadside Assistance

You may have the option to include roadside assistance to cover towing and labor wherever your bike breaks down.

We Will Help Keep You Financially Afloat