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Protect Company Vehicles With Commercial Auto Insurance

You undoubtedly have automotive insurance for your personal vehicle to cover any expenses that may result from an accident on the road. Company vehicles are no different. Anchor Insurance offers a wide range of commercial auto insurance policies to fit the needs of business owners throughout the U.S. Whether you have a fleet of company vehicles or require your employees to use their personal cars on the clock, you need commercial automotive insurance. Our team will help you sift through the red tape and obtain a policy that is ideal for your situation. Call us today to learn more.

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Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance and Who Needs It

Commercial auto insurance covers all of your company’s vehicles, including personal vehicles driven by employees while performing business-related tasks. Small business owners who use personal automobiles to deliver food and flowers – among other activities – should strongly consider enrolling in a commercial auto insurance plan. Companies with a fleet of dedicated vehicles may require such a policy. Commercial auto insurance will cover repair or replacement costs in the event of an accident and may even help with medical expenses. It is a necessary supplement to personal automotive insurance plans.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Anchor Insurance will customize a commercial auto insurance policy that meets all of your business’s needs. Each company is different, so there is no cookie-cutter plan that fits every organization. We will take time to understand what you do and how you perform ordinary tasks so that we can tailor a policy that is uniquely yours. Commercial auto insurance plans may include some or all of the following coverages:


Our commercial policies will cover repair or replacement costs related to an accident or collision.


Complete commercial auto insurance covers expenses unrelated to collisions, including damages from vandalism, fallen trees, and fires.

General Liability

This type of insurance covers damages to property or injuries to others that result from a collision while using your company vehicle.

Hired Car

Anchor Insurance can insure any vehicles that your company rents for business-related purposes.


If your vehicle is stolen, loss protection will cover the cost of replacement.

Non-Owned Vehicles

This aspect of commercial auto insurance covers vehicles that are not owned by your business but are driven by your employees for professional matters.

Owned Vehicles

Any vehicles that your company owns are covered under this category of commercial auto insurance.

We Will Help You Find the Right Policy for Your Business

The friendly agents at Anchor Insurance are committed to customer satisfaction. We will explain every element of commercial auto insurance to ensure you are happy with your policy options. Furthermore, we will help you navigate any claims to guarantee you achieve the best possible outcome following an accident or damage.

We Will Help Keep You Financially Afloat